The University Record, October 29, 2001

No real change in enrollment data

By Leslie Harding

Chart information was provided Oct. 16 from the Registrar's Office. Enrollment data is from queries on the third week of count data.
While a record number of incoming freshmen applied for admission to the Ann Arbor campus this fall—a total of 24,141—enrollment remains stable. No significant changes were recorded in either total enrollment or when broken down by gender or racial group.

Lester Monts, senior vice provost for academic affairs and professor of music, says, “It is obvious from our annual look at the demographics of our freshman class that a diverse and high-achieving group of students aspire to attend the U-M. There will always be increases and dips in the various ethnic and racial categories. However, I believe that our message is consistent: we value diversity and will continue to promote it as we recruit and admit our students.”

The incoming freshman class included 499 African American students, 263 Hispanic students, and 50 Native American students.

Enrollment percentages for the various racial groups are calculated using an adjusted enrollment, which represents U.S. residents enrolled in degree-granting programs on the Ann Arbor campus.

In the total student body, which includes undergraduates, graduate and professional students, underrepresented minority students made up 13 percent, up from 12.9 percent last year. By racial group, enrollment percentages are African American, 7.9 percent; Hispanic, 4.4 percent; and Native American, 0.7 percent.

A total of 3,993 international students are enrolled. Total graduate and professional enrollment is 13,701, up 10 from 2000.

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