The University Record, September 4, 2001

Cartoons capture the real Henry Ford

By Joanne Nesbit
News and Information Services

While many people living at the time of the auto barons knew the exploits of Henry Ford, they learned even more about his life from the myriad of newspaper and magazine cartoons that depicted him. From his beginnings as a farm boy to his run for the presidency, cartoons helped create the myth of a complex and enterprising man.

With more than 100 illustrations, Drawing Conclusions on Henry Ford, published by the U-M Press, uses cartoons to illustrate the emergence of many of the popular myths surrounding Henry Ford, during the opening decades of the 20th century.

This biographical history was put together by freelance writer Rudolph Alvarado and Sonya Alvarado from Eastern Michigan University.

Drawing Conclusions on Henry Ford is at bookstores and the U-M Press, (734) 764-4388.