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Updated 11:00 AM December 19, 2003



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M-Pathways upgrade planned for February;
payroll info shifting to Web

Michigan Administrative Information Services (MAIS) will complete the upgrade of the M-Pathways Student Administration and Human Resource Management systems (HRMS) to PeopleSoft Higher Education (HE) version 8.1 software in February.

Migrating the data to the new software will require an outage of the production database, HEProd, which currently is scheduled from 5 p.m. Feb. 5 to 7 a.m. Feb. 10. The operational data store (HEODS) and the U-M Data Warehouse will continue to be available during the outage, as will the M-Pathways Financials system. An upgrade of the financial system software is planned for early 2005.

Payroll Interactive Voice Response phone line will be replaced with Web-delivered pay information called View Paycheck.

"The new version of the M-Pathways software provides more extensive Web access to these administrative systems, and functional changes have been kept to a minimum in an attempt to limit the impact on administrative users," says Laura Patterson, associate vice president for administrative information systems.

The Wolverine Access Web site,, has been redesigned to accommodate the change, and navigation to administrative data will be different from what is used currently.

M-Pathways system users and University faculty and staff will use their uniqname (user ID) and Kerberos passwords to gain access to administrative data on the site.

In a change that impacts all faculty and staff, the Payroll Interactive Voice Response phone line, (734) 764-8253, will be replaced with Web-delivered pay information called View Paycheck.

"Payroll information was the only service remaining on the phone system, and we can deliver more information using the Web. We can also save money by eliminating the costs associated with the phone system, which were too high to support this single service," says Norel Tullier, director of the University Payroll Office. View Paycheck will provide current pay stub and leave-balance information, as well as pay stub information from the past two years.

The most significant functional change that will be introduced is the result of changes made to the software by the vendor. The change to time and labor online processing will impact University hospital timekeepers and units that interface with the time and labor system.

M-Pathways HRMS unit users who have been working in Wolverine Access since the system was implemented in July 2001 will notice a few changes that will impact the way they work on the Web. After the upgrade, information will be displayed in a manner more similar to how it is presented to central offices, and more information will be displayed in the Total Picture view than is shown currently. These changes are designed to make it easier for unit administrators to solve problems, and communication with the central office should be easier.

Students will continue to use Wolverine Access for their business. Along with a redesigned Web interface, students also will notice a new online time schedule and new services related to the federal Perkins loan and financial aid. An overview of the changes to student business will be available on Wolverine Access in January.

Faculty will continue to have access to online class rosters and advising reports as part of Teaching Support. Class roster functionality has been enhanced with a friendlier interface, and faculty will have the ability to export a roster to their e-mail box, where it can be managed easily in a variety of desktop tools.


The new MAIS Learning and Information Center (MAIS LINC) at delivers a large portion of the training and documentation that system users need to prepare for the upgrade. This new Web-based training environment provides a place where individuals can learn and practice new skills, or go to refresh their training at their convenience. To support the upgrade, MAIS LINC provides e-learning courses, interactive simulations of actual processes performed in the new version of the M-Pathways system, an overview of change documents, step-by-step instructions and quick reference sheets.

Not all user upgrade training will be delivered exclusively on the Web. Hospital timekeepers and units that interface with the time and labor system are encouraged to attend lecture demonstrations (interchanges) and instructor-led training sessions in December. Interchanges also are planned for HRMS unit users in January and February. Additionally, MAIS LINC Interchanges, designed to help system users become familiar with the benefits of an e-learning environment, will be provided in December and January.

The MAIS Help Desk will continue to support users as they adjust to the new software after the upgrade. Important dates, information about training and details about the upgrade can be found at

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