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Updated 10:00 AM June 21, 2004



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LEO members say yes to contract

Members of the Lecturers' Employee Organization (LEO) voted overwhelmingly in favor of their first contract with the University.

The final tally, completed June 16, was 354 in favor of ratification and 14 opposed. Another 31 ballots were spoiled and could not be counted.

LEO and the University concluded bargaining on the three-year agreement May 21. A ballot was sent four days later to the union members from all three campuses. The affirmative vote means that all provisions of the contract now are in effect.

Included in the contract are agreements on:

• Categories of instructional staff: Lecturers I and II are full- or part-time instructors hired to teach a specific course or courses. Lecturers III and IV are hired to teach a broader range of courses and may have administrative or service responsibilities within their departments (effective 9/1/05).

• Minimum full-time salaries for the three campuses: Lecturers I and II, Ann Arbor—$31,000, Dearborn—$25,000 and Flint—$23,000; lecturers III and IV, Ann Arbor—$34,000, Dearborn—$30,000 and Flint—$29,000. Minimums for lecturers I and II will increase in 2006-07 to $25,500 in Dearborn and $23,500 in Flint.

• Pay raises: Individual instructors will receive an annual salary increase equal to the average faculty increase in the arts and sciences college of each campus. Lecturers also will be eligible for additional promotional salary increases after each successful performance review.

• Benefits: LEO members appointed at half-time or greater will continue to receive University benefits, including medical insurance for them and their dependents. The University agreed to bridge benefits during the summer for those returning instructors appointed at half-time or greater in both the fall and winter terms.

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