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Updated 4:00 PM May 18, 2004



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Trash, recycling efforts keep campus clean

In reply to Ms. Weinberg's letter regarding U-M's trash policy (University Record, April 19): Her letter implies that central trash receptacles are housed by the elevators. Actually, that is not true. An inspection of Victor Vaughn by Area Manager Carie Kloack revealed the fact that none of the central bins in this facility are located near the elevator. The closest one was on the first floor, which is housed by the pop machine behind a glass door, approximately 25 feet from the elevator.

In addition, prior to placing the central bins, contact was made with our building contact to confirm placement. Also, there are not two waste bins in each office. It is true that there are two containers in each office; the larger one is used specifically for paper recyclables and the smaller one is for trash. Trash and recycling is picked up once a week during the cleaning of the offices; the central containers are emptied daily.

Cost-cutting initiatives were definitely involved in this policy change; however, we have already experienced environmental rewards by increasing our recycling efforts here at
U-M. The custodial staff empties more than 30,000 trash cans, most on a daily basis. We really appreciate the custodians' efforts to help keep this campus clean and smelling fresh.

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