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Updated 8:30 AM June 1, 2004



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Winter Hopwood winners announced

The University recently announced winners of the winter term Avery and Jule Hopwood Awards.

The awards are funded by a bequest from Avery Hopwood, a 1905 graduate and successful Broadway playwright, and Jule Hopwood, his mother. Past winners include Arthur Miller, John Ciardi and Marge Piercy.

The Hopwood Awards are judged in two phases. A local screening committee comprising writers from the University and the surrounding community recommends manuscripts to be forwarded to national judges, who evaluate the writings and assign points to each work. The point totals indicate the level of financial reward to be given to a specific piece of writing.

The winners from Ann Arbor are: Robyn Anspach, $3,000, Hopwood Graduate Poetry; Jordan Bohy, $5,500, Hopwood Screenplay; Newcombe Clark, $2,400, The Dennis McIntyre Prize for Distinction in Undergraduate Playwriting; Jeremiah Chamberlin, $6,500, Hopwood Graduate Short Fiction and $675 for the Andrea Beauchamp Prize; Michelle Regalado Deatrick, $2,500 in the Hopwood Graduate Short Fiction category and $3,000 in the Hopwood Graduate Poetry competition; Irene Hahn, $5,000, Hopwood Graduate Poetry and $700 for the Geoffery James Gosling Prize; Elizabeth Hoyt, $2,400, The Dennis McIntyre Prize for Distinction in Undergraduate Playwriting; Elizabeth Kostova, $2,000, Hopwood Graduate Essay; Madeline Kotowicz, $5,000, Hopwood Undergraduate Short Fiction and $1,750, the Robert F. Haugh Prize; Karen Outen, $4,000, Hopwood Novel.

Other winners from Michigan are: Nat Topping of Clarkston, $2,500, Hopwood Drama; Esohe Osai of Detroit, $3,500, Hopwood Undergraduate Essay; Elesia Bennett of Flint, $5,000, Hopwood Undergraduate Essay; Mariama Lockington of Grand Rapids, $3,000, Hopwood Undergraduate Poetry; David Stanley Plastrik of Lansing, $5,000 for the Hopwood Undergraduate Essay, $4,000 for the Hopwood Undergraduate Poetry and $2,200 for the Paul and Sonia Handleman Poetry Award; Jillian Dembowski of Romeo, $2,000 tuition credit, The Arthur Miller Award of the U-M Club of New York Scholarship Fund; Carolyn Tourner Schilling of Traverse City, $6,500, Hopwood Screenplay and $1,000, the Naomi Saferstein Literary Award.

Out-of-state winners are: Andrew Genser of Hartford, Conn., $1,000, The Leonard and Eileen Newman Writing Prize in Fiction; Rachel Losh of St. Petersburg, Fla., $2,000, Meader Family Award and $5,000, Hopwood Award: Theodore Roethke Prize for the Long Poem or Poetic Sequence; Travis Holland of Atlanta, $3,500, Hopwood Novel; Gabrielle Lensch of Highland Park, Ill., $3,000, Hopwood Undergraduate Poetry; Michael Hinken of Washington, Ill., $2,500, The Chamberlain Award for Creative Writing; Will Dunlap of Lafayette, Ind., $5,000, Hopwood Undergraduate Short Fiction; Brian Lobel of Albany, N.Y., $4,000, Hopwood Drama; Donovan Hohn of New York City, $7,000, Hopwood Graduate Essay and $675, The John Wagner Prize; Matthew Hittinger of Allentown, Pa., $3,000, Hopwood Graduate Poetry and $675, The John Wagner Prize; Courtney Mandryk of Boalsburg, Pa., $3,000, Hopwood Graduate Poetry; Charlotte Boulay of Norfolk, Mass., $2,000, Meader Family Award; Ben Stroud of Kilgore, Tex., $2,500, Hopwood Graduate Short Story; Daniel Rivas of Mount Vernon, Wash., $6,500 for the Hopwood Screenplay, $2,000 for the Hopwood Novel and $2,000 for the Hopwood Graduate Essay; Vanessa Mae-Chern Heng of Singapore, $1,000, The Leonard and Eileen Newman Writing Prize in Fiction.

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