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Updated 10:00 AM October 13, 2003



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Courtesy Bradley Smith

Bradley Smith, associate professor and director of biomedical visualization in the School of Art & Design and associate professor in radiology, will present a lecture at 5 p.m. Oct. 23 at the Michigan Theater. Admission is free. Smith's research explores the relationship of scientific and artistic prenatal imagery to social and political values afforded to the embryo and fetus. His work includes the use of magnetic resonance microscopy to study ontogeny, three-dimensional image reconstruction, and the creation of animated sequences to illuminate development processes.

By using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Smith can investigate the internal and external anatomy of embryos without causing any destruction. This allows the specimen to be dissected electronically, revealing structures of particular interest. These MRI images provide intact embryo views, and single-slice and cut-away views from any orientation. Special MRI contrast materials can be injected into the vasculature of the embryos to highlight blood vessels and developing hearts. Mouse, chick and opposum embryos have been studied with this method.

Smith's lecture is made possible by the Penny W. Stamps Distinguished Visitors Fund.

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