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Updated 10:00 AM April 18, 2005




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Detour: Some parking options to change for 2005-06

Faculty and staff who own a U-M parking permit will receive one of two mailings this month—either notification of automatic renewal or an application for next year's permit. The new permit year will begin July 1.

Permit holders who use a blue or yellow automatic vehicle identification (AVI) device will receive only a postcard indicating the new amount of their automatic payroll deduction, beginning in June. Additionally, physicians with gold AVI permits automatically will have them renewed.

Last year, AVI holders signed up for continuing payroll deduction and, therefore, will not receive a new application. If permit holders wish to change their permit option, they will need to return their AVI device and complete a new application, which can be obtained from Parking Services at 508 Thompson St. or by calling (734) 764-8291.

All other permit holders, including non-physicians with gold AVI devices, as well as staff and faculty with blue, yellow or orange hangtags or static-cling stickers, will receive an application mailed to their home address.

"We had some major changes to our programs last year, so this year is more fine tuning as we look for ways to improve the parking system," says Dave Miller, director of Parking and Transportation Services. "We'll save over $40,000 in printing and mailing costs because of the automatic renewal of blue AVI permits; and it will be more convenient for those employees who do not need to change their permit type."

New lot color changes and enforcement hours

Six parking lots will be re-designated from orange lots to yellow, effective July 1. Additionally the parking area around Laundry Services on Baxter Road will join the parking system as a yellow lot. Gold and blue permits also will be honored in these lots.

The six lots with new yellow designations will be NC 9 and NC34 near the Transportation Research Institute on Baxter Road; NC40 near the Stearns Building; NC 61 and NC62 near the North Campus Plant Services building; and SC17 at Wolverine Tower.

The enforcement hours at the North Entrance/CGC structure (M15) blue permit area will change to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, effective July 1.

"Individual departments affected by the lot color changes will receive a detailed explanation on the reasons for the changes," Miller says. "Basically, it is an effort to make our lot color designations more consistent and fair for all employees."

New gold AVI lottery

Physicians who have gold AVI devices automatically will be renewed. All others who wish to obtain gold parking will need to complete a 2006 parking application and enter a lottery. Applications will be accepted through June 1. The drawing for the available gold parking permits will be held June 2 and all gold applicants will be mailed the drawing results.

Current gold AVI device holders who want to change to a different tier will need to complete a 2006 application and return their AVI device. Applications will be available in the Parking Services lobby or may be requested by contacting Parking Services.

"Since gold permit spaces are in limited supply, we have put a cap on gold permit sales for several years," Miller says. "This program was originally developed strictly for physicians but was expanded to include all employees in 1996. Feedback from employees indicated most were not happy with the first come-first served approach to gold permit sales. It was determined that a lottery approach was the fairest method for non-physician gold permits."

No more static cling

With the implementation of the AVI devices, the requests for blue static-cling permits have decreased. As a result, only hang tags and AVI devices will be offered this year for blue permits.

Handicap Decals

The Handicap Parking Program initiated last year has been very successful and will be continued. The program requires all faculty and staff to submit their state handicap permit number to Parking Services for verification. Once ownership of the permit is verified, a free static-cling decal is issued. The decal must be displayed in conjunction with a U-M color-coded permit (all styles) and a state-issued handicap-parking permit when parked in U-M handicap parking spaces.

Details about changes in the parking system can be found at

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