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Updated 10:00 AM March 14, 2005




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  Faculty governance
Giordani elected SACUA chair for 2005-06

Bruno Giordani, associate professor of psychiatry in the Medical School and associate professor of psychology in LSA, was elected March 7 as the 2005-06 chair of the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA).
(Photo by Pat Bohland)

Giordani, completing his first year on SACUA, will succeed outgoing chair Stanley Berent, professor of psychology, psychiatry, neurology, and environmental and industrial health. Committee members also voted Richard Gull, U-M-Flint professor of philosophy, vice-chair for next year. Their terms begin May 1.

"I hope the committee will rally around them and make this a productive year for the faculty," Berent said.

Giordani, director of the neuropsychology section in the Department of Psychiatry, serves on the Senate Assembly's Academic Affairs Advisory Committee and as SACUA liaison to the Committee for a Multicultural University and the Development Advisory Committee.

"We began work on a number of important issues this year, and I would like to see us move forward on these in the coming year," Giordani said. "These issues include the role of faculty governance and the importance of tenure to the University, as well as a number of issues directly related to faculty quality of life—including child and health care. I often hear from faculty that these are some of the most pressing issues they see."

Outgoing vice-chair Silvia Pedraza, associate professor of sociology, said of Giordani, "In my judgment, he will be a great chair. His work and research have straddled the Medical School and LSA. I think he brings a lot to the position."
Gull (Photo by Call Photography)

Gull is U-M-Flint's senior faculty member. He joined the University in 1965, when the Flint campus became a four-year institution. He serves on the Senate Assembly's Faculty Perspectives Editorial Board and the Rules Committee, and as SACUA liaison to the Civil Liberties Board and Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty.

"I think Richard will be a good vice-chair," Pedraza said. "He will bring the concerns of U-M-Flint and U-M-Dearborn to the committee."

The Assembly will complete SACUA's 2005-06 roster on March 21 when it elects three new members. The candidates running for election are featured on page 11.

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