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Updated 12:15 PM June 6, 2005




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U-M housing rates increase for 2005-06

The Board of Regents May 19 approved rate increases for U-M residence halls, undergraduate apartments and family housing apartments.

Rates for students in residence halls will rise an average of 4.9 percent for room and board. The basic rate per student for a double room in a traditional hall and a standard board plan of 13 meals per week will be $7,374, an increase of $344 from 2004-05.

This increase reflects inflation projections for operating costs, including utilities. Funding also will go to continued improvements of fire protection systems in West Quad and Couzens, and to a major upgrade to the information technology system in West Quad.

"We work hard every year to keep our rate increases as small as possible, while satisfactorily meeting our expenses and devoting some additional resources to capital improvements that enhance the living and dining experience of our student residents," says Carole Henry, assistant vice president for student affairs and director of University Housing.

Increases to rates for Family Housing and undergraduate apartments on North Campus, Northwood Apartments, will average 5 percent. The new rates better reflect the respective market value of the various units, which range from efficiencies to three-bedroom townhouses with air conditioning. Rent for both Family Housing apartments and undergraduate apartments includes utilities, phone line and high-speed Internet connections.

Monthly rent for Family Housing apartments will run from $685 to $1,125. A furnished efficiency apartment in Northwood I will cost $747 per month and an unfurnished three-bedroom, L-shaped apartment in Northwood IV or V will cost $1,040 per month.

Nine-month rates for undergraduate furnished apartments in Northwood II and III will range from $4,274 to $8,268 per person, depending on the type of unit and the number of occupants.

A two-bedroom apartment will cost $6,700 each for two occupants for a nine-month contract.

In addition to addressing higher costs due to inflation and utility rate hikes, the increases for North Campus units include 1 percent for capital renewal expenses for facilities upgrades. This additional $145,000 will be directed primarily toward flooring improvements and furniture for Northwood III.

University Housing developed its rate increases for 2005-06 in collaboration with appropriate University staff, the Residence Halls Association and the Family Housing Rate Review Committee, which includes family housing residents as members.

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