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  From the Executive Editor
Record debuts improved online calendar

The University Record staff is proud to debut its new online events calendar that promises to be easier to navigate, more up-to-date and more comprehensive than its previous version on the Web.

The new calendar makes it possible for eligible campus units to post their own events to the Record Web site, where they can be viewed much more quickly—normally within 24 hours. Because the information lives in the virtually unlimited realm of cyberspace, units can post items that are months, even years, away. The previous online calendar was limited by space, and because entries were taken straight from our print version, the calendar only offered events over a two- or three-week period.

Under the new system that went online Oct. 1, each valid calendar entry is eligible for inclusion in the weekly print version.

In addition, the new calendar will:

• Provide an opportunity for units to submit photographs with events for use in the print and online Record. Not all photos submitted will be used in the print version, but all that are appropriate and of good quality can be part of the online calendar listing;

• Save time by allowing units to submit an event only once for use in both the online and print Record calendar of events. It should be noted that the deadline for the print version of the Record remains 5 p.m. on the Tuesday before the print issue in which the item is to appear.

Users will apply for an account and, once approved by Record editors, will be able to submit events at any time. To ensure that all events are consistent in style and content, submissions will be reviewed and validated daily by Record editors, and the submitter will be contacted if further information or clarification is needed. Once the editors have reviewed and approved items, they immediately will be posted to the site.

As always, the Record editors reserve the right to edit all submissions for style and length.

To learn more about the new database or to submit an event, visit and select "Submit Events" on the left navigation bar.

Units may continue to submit events to the Record through other methods, including e-mailing; however, by the start of the next fiscal year the online calendar will become the only avenue for ensuring that listings appear in the print version.

Finding a way for units to submit calendar items online has been my goal since I arrived at the Record nearly three years ago. It is exciting to see how that original notion has developed into this searchable calendar that I believe the campus will find extremely helpful. Even with the improved redesign of our Web site a year and a half ago, the long list of events was just too difficult to navigate. Now someone who is looking for a particular type of event, such as a concert, can type in the word "concert" and come up with a small list of similar events.

With direction from the Record staff, particularly from Associate Editor Kevin Bergquist, News Service Web Resources Manager Lenny Zenith created the calendar database with assistance from student Web developer Chris Coleman and recent graduate Luke Carmichael. Record Production Manager Todd McKinney and Editor Katie Gazella also helped in the site's construction.

"The events database team did an outstanding job of devising a calendar that benefits campus units by creating a 'post-it-yourself' capability, and a calendar that is searchable, more timely and more comprehensive," says Nancy Connell, director of the News Service.

Our thanks to several campus communicators who helped test the site, including Kara Gavin from the U-M Health System, Stephanie Rieke from the Museum of Art, Dan Madaj from the Exhibit Museum of Natural History and Rachel Francisco from the School of Music.

To access the daily calendar of events listing, visit and click on "View Events." The database is searchable by event title, type, or location and within any range of dates.

For more information on using the online calendar, feel free to contact Bergquist at (734) 764-4266 or

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