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Updated 10:00 AM October 25, 2004




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Photo: Michigan Union memories

Lindsey Hill, a senior from Bloomfield Hills, reaches for the front door of the Michigan Union Oct. 20. There was a time, though, when women were not allowed to enter the front door of the Union without a male escort. As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, the Union is hosting a gala celebration weekend Oct. 29-31. The yearlong festivities include a Web site that captures memories of the facility by faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Susie Schutt, a 2004 graduate, recalls: "When my grandmother went to U-M ... women were not allowed to enter through the front door, but my great grandmother wouldn't hear of it. She said, 'This is the way I enter buildings, through the front door!' and marched right on through."

The site, which includes a list of events for the upcoming weekend celebration, is (Photo by Marcia Ledford, U-M Photo Services)

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