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Updated 3:30 PM January 3, 2006




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Mestas boosts U-M-Flint scholarships with campaign gift

U-M-Flint Chancellor Juan E. Mestas has announced a personal contribution to the school's "IMAGINE: The U-M-Flint Difference" campaign, including a bequest of $500,000 to further fund the Juan E. Mestas Scholarship, and $50,000 in cash contributions to the scholarship during the next four years.
(Photo by Mel Serow, U-M Flint)

Originally established by Mestas in 2001, the scholarship is awarded to U-M-Flint students who meet specific academic achievement standards and who have distinguished themselves in community engagement, participating in activities that address the needs and improve the quality of neighboring communities.

"This gift fits in with the goals of U-M-Flint's strategic plan—the three pillars of this institution: student centeredness, academic excellence and community engagement," Mestas said. "And it also fits in with my own vision of what a good student should be.

"To me, giving back to the community is what good people do. This scholarship honors those efforts."

The "IMAGINE: The U-M-Flint Difference" campaign seeks to raise $30 million for the University by the end of 2008. The primary objective of the campaign is to increase the number of scholarships so that more deserving students have access to the type of education needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Each year, hundreds of potential U-M-Flint students who meet the academic requirements for scholarships are forced to seek education elsewhere, simply because U-M-Flint does not have enough scholarships for those who meet the requirements. Many of these students come from parts of the community where opportunities for education beyond high school already are limited.

"I hope others will be inspired to follow, to give at a level of their capacity. Higher education is critical to this area, and this state's, future success," Mestas said.

President Mary Sue Coleman added, "Chancellor Mestas knows the impact of a degree from U-M-Flint, and with this gift he will help countless students imagine the difference they will make with their diplomas.

"His vision of ensuring a U-M-Flint education for as many students as possible becomes a reality with his tremendous generosity."

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