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Updated 11:00 AM January 9, 2006




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Faculty salary increases average 3.7 percent

Modest salary increases for the Ann Arbor campus in 2005-06 reflect the continuing budget constraints affecting public universities in the state.

Faculty salary increases averaged 3.7 percent. The median faculty salary increase (the 50th percentile) was 3 percent; the 25th percentile was 2 percent; and the 75th percentile was 4.6 percent. Thus, half of all faculty received an increase between 2 and 4.6 percent.

The University has worked hard to identify resources to increase faculty and staff salaries, President Mary Sue Coleman says.

"Our reputation as a top academic institution is directly connected to our outstanding faculty and staff, and it is essential that we find a way to reward them for their efforts," Coleman says.

Salary increases for staff at all grades averaged 2.8 percent. The median staff salary increase was 3 percent; the 25th percentile was 2.5 percent; and the 75th percentile was 3 percent.

The staff averages include salaries for employees in the U-M Health System and exclude bargained-for-employees.

Merit salary increases for the University's executive officers averaged 3.1 percent for 2005-06. Merit increases for the deans of the schools and colleges averaged 3 percent.

Copies of the complete salary record are on reserve at the University Library and also may be purchased from the Human Resources Records and Information Services Department, 4073 Wolverine Tower, 3003 S. State St., (734) 647-0018. Cost is $32 by check (payable to the University of Michigan), plus postage if mailed.

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