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Updated 10:00 AM July 10, 2006




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Photo: Pumas slated to start second lives

Precision Installation and Service employees Phil Lang, left, Jerry Hayden and Tom Earle, in forklift, prepare to lower the second of two terrazzo puma sculptures onto a flatbed truck for transport to Venus Bronze Works in Detroit, where the big cats will be re-cast in bronze. Created in 1940 by Carleton Watson Angell, an artist at the Ruthven Museums, the 1,200-pound pumas will pounce back to their positions flanking the entrance to the museum in spring 2007, in conjunction with an exhibition of other works by Angell, an accomplished artist in numerous media. Angell also was the sculptor of the museum's main doors and several bas reliefs on the building's west, east and north façades. (Photo by Todd McKinney)

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