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Updated 10:00 AM March 27, 2006




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U-M-Flint, Kettering team up on new master's program

Neighboring universities in Flint have signed an agreement to begin offering a dual master's degree that will blend the strengths of Kettering University's internationally known engineering and technical programs with U-M-Flint's fully accredited business administration degree.

Officials of the universities, which are separated by less than two miles, signed an academic partnership agreement March 21 that will streamline the transfer process and strengthen the region's educational options for diversifying its workforce.

"We are excited about this historic collaboration between the two well-respected institutions," U-M-Flint Dean Douglas Moon said. "This dual degree program could bring in new students from anywhere in the United States. Distance learning is the basic delivery mode, and both Kettering and U-M-Flint are experienced and technologically well-equipped in this regard."

The dual program will consist of a master of science in manufacturing operations (MSMO) granted by Kettering, and an MBA granted by U-M-Flint. The partnership includes coursework to be taken at Kettering for the Lean Manufacturing concentration in the U-M-Flint MBA program.

"The agreement between Kettering and U-M-Flint is indicative of the new collaborative environment we are encouraging here in Flint," said Tony Hain, Kettering vice president for graduate studies, corporate connections and business. "This first step will help the two institutions to take mutual responsibility in delivering and serving students with a high-quality education."

The partnership is a continuation of an informal initiative announced in January when the presidents of Kettering, U-M-Flint, Mott Community College and Baker College pledged to work together to better prepare the region's workforce for today's knowledge economy.

Atul Agarwal, Kettering associate professor and director of the MSMO program, and Yener Kandogan, assistant professor of business economics at U-M-Flint, helped to finalize many of the details and are credited with creating the positive potential of the collaboration.

"This alliance is part of the School of Management's efforts to expand its MBA program globally," Moon added. "I am confident that the dual degree program with Kettering University will succeed."

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