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Updated 10:00 AM March 27, 2006




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  Green Arts Project
U-M-Flint harnesses power of art

U-M-Flint has received a grant of more than $300,000 from the Ruth Mott Foundation to fund the Green Arts Project, which will use many forms of artistic expression to increase environmental stewardship throughout the greater Flint area.
U-M-Flint theatre student Phil Russo will play Dr. Thomas Stockmann in "An Enemy of the People" April 7-10 and 13-15 at the U-M-Flint Theatre. (Photo by Mel Serow)

The project—conducted by the University Outreach Center for Applied Environmental Research, in cooperation with the departments of Theatre and Dance, Communications and Visual Arts, and English—will promote environmental stewardship by empowering new and established artists to explore environmental issues facing the community and communicate them through original works of art.

Three projects currently are being developed for both University students and community members, including environmental photography, creative writing and themed theatre productions. To provide artists with the subjects and inspiration needed for their creations, several excursions along the Flint River are being planned.

A Green Arts Community Team made up of artists, environmental scientists and advocacy organizations also will be established to identify other ways to use the power of art to increase understanding and stewardship of the natural world.

The art created during the three-year project, including photographs, a play about the Flint River and stories about natural resources, will be exhibited and performed at a variety of venues throughout the community.

The Green Arts Project will begin with a presentation of Henrik Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People" April 7-10 and 13-15 at the U-M-Flint Theatre.

The play focuses on the efforts of a public-minded doctor in a small town famous for its public baths. He discovers that the water supply is contaminated and probably has been the cause of some illness among the tourists who are the town's economic lifeblood. In his effort to clean up the supply, the doctor runs into political roadblocks, sold-out journalists, shortsighted armchair economists and a morally bankrupt citizenry. He is publicly labeled an enemy of the people.

Tickets for the play can be reserved at the U-M-Flint Box Office by calling (810) 237-6520.

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