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Seminar addresses professors and podcasts

A seminar on "The Vanishing Professor? The Changing Role of Faculty in the World of Podcasting and Lecture Posting," will be presented by Mika Lavaque-Manty and Perry Samson at noon-1:30 p.m. Feb. 9 at Palmer Commons, 1013 Center for Research on Learning and Teaching Seminar Room.

The technology for recording, posting, and podcasting lectures is becoming more accessible every semester. Use of lecture capture and dissemination raises some intriguing questions: How does the role of the faculty member change when lectures are readily accessible to students online? How does posting lectures affect student attendance? Does use of these technologies improve learning or simply pander to student expectations?

In this seminar, faculty presenters will discuss their experiences and participants will have a chance to explore and discuss the implications for their own teaching. A light lunch will be served. Sponsored by the CRLT, 647-4765.

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