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Updated 4:00 PM January 24, 2007




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LSA expands its wireless network

LSA is launching a $1.5 million expansion of its wireless network that will bring wireless ethernet to all classrooms, departments, laboratories and faculty offices in the college within two years.

Wireless networks, which currently are available in about 20 percent of the space that LSA occupies in its 23 Ann Arbor campus buildings, will be expanded to provide access to the U-M Wireless Network across the campus. The expanded network will enable students, faculty and staff to use their laptop computers and other current and future mobile devices to connect to the network without having to search for limited cable connections.

The expansion was launched in response to numerous requests for additional access points in campus buildings. LSA, with approximately 18,400 students and 5,000 faculty and staff, is the largest of U-M's 19 schools and colleges. Dean Terrence McDonald, says the expansion of the wireless network will enhance the campus learning environment.

"It is vital for the campus to have easy access to the latest computer technology," McDonald says. "This will allow students, faculty and staff to access the Internet, research data, personal documents and e-mail anywhere on campus."

The expanded LSA wireless network will be compatible with the U-M Wireless Network at University libraries and most other schools and colleges on campus, says Ron Loveless, LSA senior manager for information technology. Alumni with University computer accounts also can use LSA's wireless network, he says.

U-M also is working with Washtenaw County officials to integrate with Washtenaw wireless network as it develops, Loveless says. The county expects to complete installation of its network by December.

Laptop computers with wireless network devices should connect easily, he says. If a laptop computer fails to connect to the U-M Wireless Network, users should confirm that they are using the latest network drivers. For assistance with network driver upgrades contact the computer manufacturer, U-M Computer Showcase or Information Technology Central Services User Services at 764-HELP.

For more on the U-M Wireless Network go to:

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