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Updated 4:00 PM January 24, 2007




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News Briefs
University community asked to help with United Way emergency campaign

U-M is pitching in to help the Washtenaw United Way address a 2006 campaign shortfall of $500,000. United Way has launched an emergency campaign with hopes of meeting its countywide goal of $8 million. Thousands of University staff pledged and contributed nearly $850,000 in the recent campaign. This is a significant amount and no doubt health and human service agencies throughout the region are thankful for this generosity, leaders of the U-M campaign say, but more needs to be done to help those in the area who face employment and economic changes. Pledge contributions will be accepted at the University to help with this emergency effort. Those who would like to contribute can download a form at or request one to be sent via campus mail by calling Deborah Butzin, 763-3109, or e-mailing

DPS warns of e-mail 'phishing'

Department of Public Safety (DPS) officials warn staff, faculty and students about e-mail "phishing" scams that look like messages sent from TCF Bank or other financial institutions, including eBay and PayPal. The e-mail is a fraud and should be deleted immediately.

"Phishing" involves Internet fraud perpetrators who send spam or pop-up messages in order to try to collect personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account information, Social Security numbers, passwords, account numbers or other sensitive information. Although the message may look official, its purpose is to gather personal information that can be used illegally. Financial institutions do not send e-mail messages to solicit such information and never ask customers to confirm identity or personal information by e-mail. They also do not request personal information by e-mails that require following a link to another site.

DPS warns those who receive such messages not to respond. Anyone who already has provided personal information requested in a message is advised to contact his or her bank by phone immediately and file a fraud alert. Some U-M people have been victimized by these scams this month and money has been withdrawn from their bank accounts. Victims should work with their financial institutions and local police to resolve the situation. Those who have been victimized and live on campus are asked to contact DPS at 763-1131 to file a police report. For more tips on avoiding identity theft, go to

Voice mail to remain as is for most hospital lines

Medical Center Information Technology officials say most hospital voice mail users will not be affected by the Meridian voice mail changes planned for the weekend of Feb. 3. The changes will affect only those users with telephone services provided by Information Technology Communications Services (users who dial 936-2500 to access voice mail).

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