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Updated 5:00 PM March 16, 2007




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Coleman, Dingell address economy at D.C. breakfast

President Mary Sue Coleman told a Washington, D.C., audience last week that research holds the promise for turning around the ailing Michigan economy.
(Photo by Stacy Mitchell)

Speaking at the annual Congressional Breakfast, Coleman said recent economic setbacks in the state must be addressed through more innovation from U-M and the other research universities.

"Research productivity at our universities translates to economic power for Michigan," Coleman said. "Not only does that investment mean research and development—it also attracts new talent to Ann Arbor, Detroit, East Lansing and beyond."

In his keynote address, Rep. John Dingell (D-Dearborn) tipped his hat to the University and its many contributions to the state.

"The University continues to create opportunities that our great state can build upon," Dingell said. "It continues to attract some of the world's top academic and business leaders. And it continues to make Michigan a better place to live."

Dingell also paid tribute to two recently deceased U-M alumni, Gerald Ford and Bo Schembechler.

More than 350 alumni, members of Congress and staff, Michigan corporate sponsors and others attended the event, which raises scholarship funds for the U-M Club of Greater Washington.

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