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Updated 6:30 PM June 5, 2007




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  The Michigan Difference Campaign
Donors put campaign over $2.5 billion;
fund-raising effort will continue

The Michigan Difference campaign has realized $2.5 billion in gifts and pledges, but fund raising will continue through 2008 to fulfill several unmet goals.

President Mary Sue Coleman and Vice President for Development Jerry May shared campaign results and praised the generosity of University donors at the May 17 Board of Regents meeting.

"Our donors have shown their dedication to and faith in the University with their extraordinary support of this campaign," Coleman said. "I am gratified that so many people have been willing to help U-M garner the resources it must have compete at the highest level. Critical goals remain and we are dedicated to working aggressively over the next 18 months to achieve success."

From now through its close at the end of 2008, the campaign will turn particular focus to raising $356 million for areas of need where the fund raising goals have not been met.

"We are delighted with the tremendous response by our donors and volunteers who have enabled us to accomplish so much," May said. "We are confident that with their enthusiasm and dedication we will be able to meet those areas of need that still require support."

"It's just great that so many donors and volunteers have made it possible for us to reach the $2.5 billion goal," said campaign chair Richard Rogel. "But we still need to do more in the areas of endowed professorships and scholarships, especially for need-based scholarships. There are lots of students who would like to come to Michigan but who can't afford to."

U-M-Dearborn has reached $29 million of its $40 million goal. It has placed particular focus on achieving its Metropolitan Vision, an ambitious program to greatly improve the academic experience of its students while also making a positive difference in the life, economy and culture of the metropolitan Detroit region.

U-M-Flint has raised $28.7 million of its $30 million goal. The remainder of its campaign is focused on student support, especially merit-based aid, as well as financial aid to support housing costs for students. Flint also will seek funds to equip various areas, such as computer labs, study areas and common rooms, in its first housing facility, recently approved for construction.

The areas of unmet need for The Michigan Difference campaign include:

• Faculty support, such as endowed professorships. Gifts for this purpose create an endowment that generates investment income for faculty salary, research, graduate student support or other items, enabling the University to recognize and retain outstanding faculty. Goal: $425 million. Raised to date: $258 million. Still needed: $167 million;

• Student support, comprising need-based scholarships and merit scholarships. Student support comes in the form of endowed scholarships and outright grants, and enables the University to increase access to a U-M education for all qualified students. Goal: $400 million. Raised to date: $387 million. Still needed: $13 million;

• Facilities support. Support for buildings gives the University resources to create state-of-the-art facilities that can support sophisticated research, share cultural treasures with the public and provide students with the latest in learning technologies. Goal: $500 million. Raised to date: $413 million. Still needed: $87 million;

• Bequests. Goal: $400 million. Raised to date: $388 million. Still needed: $12 million; and

• Programmatic support. This enables the University to create and enhance academic programs by a variety of means, such as supporting research, creating lecture series and acquiring scholarly resources. Goal: $775 million. Raised to date: $1.073 billion. Goal exceeded by: $228 million.

The campaign has attracted the support of more than 316,000 individuals, comprising 149,774 alumni and 166,245 non-alumni, including patients in U-M medical facilities, as well as supporters of public radio and television and museums. More than 294,000 gifts, 98 percent of the total, were under $100,000.

The University received 25 gifts that exceeded $10 million, including two that were between $50 million and $100 million. Almost 49,000 donors have made gifts for student support. In the first-ever faculty and staff campaign more than 14,000 U-M employees have made outright gifts and bequest intentions totaling more than $110 million.

The wide commitment to the campaign not only has served to raise money but to engage alumni and friends in the work of the University, May says. Almost every dollar was provided by donors who stipulated the purpose of their gifts. These restricted gifts, comprising 99 percent of the total, place a legal obligation on the University to use the money according to the donors' wishes, May says.

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