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Updated 10:00 AM February 18, 2008




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News Briefs
ITCS plans voice mail upgrade

In a transition planned for early spring, Information Technology Central Services (ITCS) is developing Exchange Voice Mail to replace Message Center voice mail. Departments are being contacted individually to schedule their migration. ITCS Exchange Unified mailbox users will receive their e-mail, calendar and voice mail messages in one place. Those who do not have these mailboxes will be set up as voice mail only and a copy of voice mail messages can be sent to their e-mail ( Exchange Voice Mail supports many, but not all, Message Center features. Direct questions to

Directory groups begin expiring Feb. 19

One year ago ITCS implemented an expiriration policy for online directory groups. It provides that groups not renewed by a group owner expire after one year. Thus, groups that have not been renewed will begin expiring Feb. 19. Group owners receive renewal reminders 90 days and 30 days before a group is to expire. When a group expires, it is disabled for a period of one year before being removed from the directory. Disabled groups cannot receive e-mail. If mail is sent directly to a disabled group, an error message will be generated informing the sender that the group does not exist. Mail sent to a directory group that contains a disabled group, however, will not generate an error message. ITCS asks staff and faculty to check ownership of departmental or other groups they rely on. For more about the group expiration policy, see Directory Group Expiry Policy at

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