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Updated 4:00 PM January 25, 2008




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U-M diversity includes disability

From seating in Michigan Stadium to a controversy surrounding remarks made by the Michigan Student Assembly president to the usability of the University's Web site, disability issues have been the focus of increased campus attention of late.

In an effort to reiterate U-M's commitment to people with disabilities, the University Council for Disability Concerns has issued a statement re-affirming that there are many people committed to making the University as welcoming and accessible as possible.

In a written statement, the council asserts: "The University of Michigan community prides itself on its commitment to diversity — a commitment that goes beyond the minimum requirements established by law. Disability is a legitimate aspect of diversity that deserves careful attention and an equally welcoming and embracing attitude on the part of the campus community."

The council, which was commissioned by President Harold Shapiro 25 years ago, is composed of volunteers from all walks of campus life — faculty, staff, students and alumni — as well as members of the Ann Arbor-area community.

The council charge states that it "endorses the concept of a community that respects the dignity of every individual, and seeks to foster this perspective through education, advocacy, and awareness of the needs and accomplishments of people who have disabilities."

For more information, to attend a meeting or to join the council, send e-mail to

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