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Updated 10:00 AM September 21, 2007




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mPrint allows remote printing

A new service provided through Information Technology Central Services (ITCS) now allows faculty, staff and students to remotely print documents from their computers.

The mPrint project, officially launched today (Sept. 17), offers a network of 200 printers throughout campus that allows mobility and choice for University computer users.

"This concept is somewhat new to college campuses, and Michigan's version is on the front edge," says Kevin Jones, assistant manager for Campus Computing Sites.

To access the printing portal, users need to go to, log in, select a printer, then upload the printing job. As part of the Basic Computing Package, students will have an allowance of 400 page sides per term; faculty and staff are given 50 page sides per term. Additional pages are available at 6 cents per side.

mPrint remote printing supports all office file formats, with .doc as the most popular, Jones says.

Last year 26 million pages were printed on all Campus Computing Sites, says Robert Jones, Sites printing coordinator. In its pilot program last year, mPrint accounted for 300,000 of those pages.

"This will provide a cost savings for students," Robert Jones says. "There's no need to buy a printer. They will save on the cost of paper and ink cartridges.

"If a student is writing a paper at a coffee shop, they can log in, select to print it at Angell Hall, then grab it on the way to class."

Another project coming from ITCS is large format printing (currently in a pilot program). Poster printing is available for $8.40 per linear foot.

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