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Updated 10:00 AM September 21, 2007




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Police Beat

Residence hall burglaries prompt warning

At least four residents of Mary Markley and Couzens residence halls have been duped this month by a trio of thieves.

One of two female suspects reportedly has approached residents and asked for directions, often to the cafeteria. The residents momentarily have left their room doors open and unlocked in order to accompany the woman. Upon returning, the residents have discovered property is missing.

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) issued a crime alert Sept. 13 regarding the incidents, which reportedly occurred Sept. 7 and 10.

The suspects are described as a white female, 5 feet to 5 feet 2 inches, heavy build, age 30-35, with light-colored hair pulled back, gaps between her teeth and glasses; a white female, 17-19, thin build with reddish-blonde hair and acne; and a white male, 20-25, thin build with dark brown hair.

Two laptop computers, a wallet and an MP3 player have been reported stolen during the incidents. DPS released security surveillance pictures of each suspect. Residents are cautioned never to leave their rooms opened, unlocked and unattended even for a few minutes.

Investigations continue into summer robbery, SPH burglary

DPS continues to investigate two August incidents that resulted in warnings to the campus community — a robbery Aug. 3 on Ingalls Mall and a burglary Aug. 13 at the School of Public Health (SPH).

As reported in the Aug.13 University Record, DPS continues to investigate an incident during which two students were beaten and robbed near Ingalls Mall.

The students told police they were walking home from a local bar about 2:30 a.m. when they were approached by two unknown men.

After a short verbal exchange, punches were thrown and a wallet was stolen.

A description of the suspects can be viewed on the DPS Web site at (Crime Alert No. 9).

In the SPH incident, an unoccupied laboratory was broken into but nothing was stolen.

Witnesses reported seeing two men fleeing the area around 4:15 a.m. The men were both described as in their 20s, with medium complexion of unknown ethnicity, about 6 feet tall, with short, black hair. Both were seen wearing jeans and one was wearing a bright, orange t-shirt.

The DPS security bulletin reminded the campus community to call DPS immediately upon observing suspicious behavior and to keep doors locked and not propped open.

Patient loses control

A 41-year-old University Hospital patient in the Emergency Department spit in a technician's face and scratched the face of a hospital security officer before being restrained. The incident occurred about 6:30 a.m. Aug. 29.

Aggravated assault charges will be sought from the county prosecutor.

Thief finds open window at residence hall

A laptop and money were taken from an Alice Lloyd Residence Hall room while the resident was gone for the day, she told campus police Aug. 25.

When the resident returned near dinnertime, she discovered the items were missing and her clothing had been disturbed.

She told police that though she locked her door, she had left the window unlocked.

DPS has no suspects.

Odd incident disturbs laundry routine

A Northwood Community Apartments resident found himself unexpectedly in the dark when someone turned out the lights while he was doing laundry, he told police.

The resident said he was in the basement at about 9:15 p.m. when he heard someone enter his apartment. He assumed it was his roommate but when the intruder turned off the basement lights, the resident yelled, according to the police report. Lights were turned back on and the resident could hear the person leave the apartment, locking the front door as he left.

DPS has no suspects.

Care provider accused of sexual assault

A Jackson resident who provides home care to people with disabilities is being investigated for inappropriate sexual contact with one of his charges after witnesses at Mott Children's Hospital complained to authorities Aug. 22. The original incident reportedly occurred Aug. 9 but witnesses did not tell authorities until the subsequent hospital visit. A formal complaint was filed with the Department of Human Services and a police investigation continues into criminal charges.

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