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Updated 10:00 AM February 9, 2009

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Record Update offers daily campus news
From the editor:

Today U-M launched the Record Update, a new online companion to the weekly University Record that will provide a brief and informative look at the news and issues that affect our campus on a daily basis.

The Record Update is a single Web page, accessible from the Gateway that will be posted each morning. It provides a brief, vibrant summary of what is happening across campus as well as thoughtful perspectives on issues affecting U-M and higher education.

The new Update was created in response to community feedback gathered through a comprehensive survey and two focus groups, which found that faculty and staff want a timely and credible news source that addresses major issues and decisions facing the University, including budget and cost containment efforts, new programs and initiatives, how state and national trends affect U-M, and the University's impact on the region and beyond.

In addition to addressing emerging issues, the Record Update will include media quotes by U-M faculty, a photo or video feature, the weather, and a Michigan Difference story that highlights people and activities that are making a significant impact.

The Update Web page will be updated every morning Monday through Friday, and more often when we need to communicate something urgently. In response to our research, we will not e-mail this to inboxes — other than a once-per-semester effort to encourage readership — but will feature the site as a very prominent link from the University Gateway and the University Record Web site.

The Record Update can be viewed by going to

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