Thefts of unattended laptops increase

Thefts of laptops left unattended in buildings increased in recent weeks.

From March 18 to April 14 in Hatcher Graduate Library, 11 unattended laptop computers were reported stolen. This compares with five thefts over the previous 11 months.

Unattended belongings continue to pose a problem across campus. Laptops and backpacks left on library tables, gym bags placed near athletic courts, and other valuables unsecured in unlocked offices offer attractive opportunities for thieves to easily grab. In recent years, DPS officers have received more than 850 larceny reports annually.

Many facilities with larger, public venues — such as libraries, computer labs, and recreation buildings — have signs posted to discourage unattended belongings. Police officers make regular patrols of these buildings as well.

This spring, DPS officers implemented another crime-prevention initiative to raise awareness of the unattended belongings issue. While walking through campus buildings, police officers have been leaving larceny-reduction cards near unattended belongings as reminders to the owners that they need to secure their valuables.

For more crime-prevention tips, check the Campus Safety Handbook, also available at Suspicious behavior immediately should be reported to DPS at 734-763-1131 or 911 from a campus phone.