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Updated 10:00 AM September 8, 2008




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Grant to promote more diverse health workforce

U-M-Flint will receive a federal grant of $354,050 to encourage more students from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter and complete health professions training programs.

"This grant will help to ensure a larger and more competitive applicant pool for healthcare and related professions in the Flint area," says Congressman Dale Kildee, D-Mich., who announced the grant. "With this funding, the University of Michigan in Flint can continue to enhance the academic skills and the diversity of students pursuing careers in health professions."

Awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the grant will aid in increasing participation in health training programs among students from families with low annual incomes or from environments otherwise lacking in preliminary training for health professions.

The Flint Health Careers Opportunities Program (HCOP), a network of formal partnerships of community-based agencies and healthcare and educational institutions, sets ambitious annual goals to:

• Introduce 270 fourth- to eighth-grade students to health careers;

• Increase awareness of health careers to 30 seventh- and eighth-graders through a six-week Junior Summer Science and Math Camp;

• Recruit 40 high school students for training in health professions, providing them the financial, academic and social support to help enroll them in health professions schools;

• Improve the academic preparation of 30 college-bound high school graduates through a six-week pre-health professions enrichment program;

• Increase by 10 percent enrollment of disadvantaged students in U-M-Flint's School of Health Professions and Studies; and

• Increase by 10 percent the retention and graduation rate of disadvantaged students in the School of Health Professions and Studies.

HCOP grants are provided to aid in increasing access to preliminary education and health research training, mentoring and counseling and in providing financial planning resources to students and parents.

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