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Updated 10:00 AM September 8, 2008




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Michigan integral to world's largest physics experiment

After 20 years of construction, a machine that could either verify or nullify the prevailing theory of particle physics is about to begin its mission. CERN's epic Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project, which currently involves 25 University physicists and students, aims to answer lingering questions about the laws of nature and the nature of matter by smashing protons and other particles together and examining the wreckage. More >

New committees to recommend future benefit changes

Citing increasing concern over the escalating cost of the health care and retirement savings plans, University leaders have appointed two new committees to recommend changes aimed at reducing the overall rate of increase. More >

Detroit Center open house to highlight U-M's loyalty to city

Nearly 200 years after U-M was founded in 1817, the Detroit Center —not far from the University's original location — embodies an abiding commitment to the city, offering a visible and accessible gateway to resources by offering instruction, conducting research and providing services. More >

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