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Updated 11:00 PM September 15, 2008




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Photos: Energizing the Diag

LSA freshman Kayla Paulson, left, receives an MPowered T-shirt from Lauren Leland during the 13th annual Energy Fest on the Diag. The event is affiliated with the 2008 fall theme semester of "Energy Futures: Society, Innovation, and Technology," and part of Planet Blue, a campuswide energy-conservation and recycling initiative. "(Energy Fest) exposes freshman like me to the environmental community at Michigan," Paulson says of the educational event that featured free food and music. "I am interested in replacing gas with wind, solar, or any sustainable solutions." The event showcased the work of alternative energy projects, including the award-winning U-M Solar Car Team, below, and Planet Blue, and provided these organizations an opportunity to recruit new members. "I was looking to cut down on my carbon footprint and they have a lot of information on how to get involved," says Brad Detjen, an undergraduate chemical engineering student who also serves on the Sustainable Alternative Energy Student Council. (Photos by David Boyle, University Record Intern)


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