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Updated 10:00 AM October 19, 2009

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NTSB hearing on Survival Flight/Transplant team

The university is reviewing findings from the National Transportation Safety Board, which were discussed at an NTSB hearing Oct. 14, regarding the June 4, 2007, U-M Survival Flight plane crash that resulted in the death of four members of the U-M Transplant team and both pilots.

The NTSB investigation suggests that a combination of pilot error, equipment failure and inadequate Federal Aviation Administration oversight may have led to the fatal crash, which occurred just after takeoff from Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. A full report is expected in coming weeks.

The UMHS statement issued shortly after the hearing states:

"We appreciate the National Transportation Safety Board's thorough review of this tragic incident and the opportunity we had throughout the process to provide information to investigators.

"The University of Michigan community continues to mourn the loss of our team and to mark its absence in many ways. Each time we pass the memorial sculpture that now stands outside our hospital, each time the anniversary date arrives and each time those of us who knew them are reminded of something they did or said, we remember their sacrifice.

"We know that their families, and all their loved ones, feel their loss even more keenly than we do.

"Our commitment to saving lives through organ transplantation and air-medical services has never wavered in the wake of this tragedy. We hope that this review will help prevent such incidents around the country so that no other medical institution, and no other families, will have to face such a loss."

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