The University Record, April 12, 1993

High marks for U office

“In terms of general resources on both academic and work programs and other experiential programs, the Michigan office is as good as it gets,” says William Hoffa, editor of the Guide to Education Abroad for Advisers and Administrators.

The book includes an article by William E. Nolting, director of the Overseas International Opportunities Office in the International Center, titled “Work Abroad and International Careers.”

As field director for university programs for the Council on International Education Exchange, Hoffa visits college campuses for a living.

The Overseas Opportunities Office is outstanding, he says, in staffing, the numbers of catalogs and brochures it has available and the handouts the office provides to guide students.

The office is commodious, has a place for students to sit down and is centrally located so students can find it, he observes.

Hoffa’s only criticism: the office is somewhat isolated from academic advising offices in Angell Hall.