The University Record

April 12, 1993
Volume 48, Number 27

Boylan to be recommended as vice provost for the arts
Anthro is number one
U leads nation in international work, study programs
Management Institute solves mysteries about areas of the U
Find your way through maze of computer resources at InfoQuest
Collins to head National Center for Human Genome Research
Cancer Center researchers find gene that reverses growth characteristics of melanoma cells
Fathers play critical role in helping siblings get along
Program focuses on Native American empowerment, development
Publications win national honors in CSPA competition
Consumers Power supports environmental management program
Reminder on survey on alcohol and other drugs
Biographer of Eleanor Roosevelt compares her with Hillary Clinton
High marks for U office
Study: Home-educated children not disadvantaged
Michigan Radio’s Remnants to air April 20, April 23
‘Incredible Week’ fund raiser shrank to hours