The University Record, April 26, 1993

Sample Questions

The following are proposed sample questions for the evaluation of administrative officers.


How often does the dean involve the faculty in developing plans for your college?

To what degree is the dean effective in obtaining resources for your college?

How would you rate the dean as a professional role model for the faculty?

Faculty and program development

What kind of environment does the dean promote for faculty development?

How frequently does the dean reward excellence in teaching? In research? In faculty service activities?

Fairness and ethics

How fairly does the dean treat faculty from ethnic groups different from his/her own?

How often does the dean bear personal grudges against individual faculty members?


In general, how accessible is your dean to you as a faculty member?

Is your dean generally willing to listen to faculty input, that is, ideas, suggestions, concerns?


How clear are the dean’s administrative procedures for promotions, tenure, leave, etc., in your college?

How much input do area or departmental chairs have into the preparation of the college budget?