The University Record, February 1, 1993


Survey to focus on Arab-Israeli conflict

A list of seven questions about the Arab-Israeli conflict will be mailed to a sample of faculty members on the Ann Arbor campus the first week of February. The survey is being taken against a backdrop of momentous changes affecting U.S. Middle East policy. The end of the Cold War, the Gulf War, potential or actual crises elsewhere in he world, and growing fiscal constraints and an inward focus at home have all raised questions about the traditional U.S. support of Israel and also of Egypt, which together receive about half of the foreign aid budget. The survey will suggest the extent to which intellectual opinion, as represented by the University faculty, has been affected by these developments.

The seven questions cover the status of the territories occupied by Israel during the June 1967 war; the status of Jerusalem; the loan guarantees for settlement of Jews from the former Soviet Union provided to Israel; U.S. aid to Israel beyond the loan guarantees; priorities for foreign aid in different countries and regions, including the former Soviet Union, Central America, Israel and Egypt; the comparative responsibility of the Arab parties and Israel for the persistence of the Arab-Israeli conflict; and solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ranging the gamut of historical possibilities from Israeli annexation of the occupied territories to a democratic, secular state in former British Mandate Palestine.

Most of the questions are modeled on ones asked in national polls, but are more detailed and precise. A summary of the results will be provided to The University Record and Michigan Daily, and a complete analysis, including comparisons to general public attitudes and to U.S., Israeli and Arab policies, will be in a file on MTS.

The survey is sponsored by the Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Progressive Zionist Caucus, registered student organizations with an interest in Middle East affairs. The LS&A Human Subjects Review Committee has approved the survey, with the sponsorship of Prof. J. David Singer of the Department of Political Science. Financial support has been provided by Rackham Student Government (RSG) and Michigan Student Assembly. For further information, contact Mark Buchan, RSG president, 763-0820.

Mark Buchan, president,
Rackham Student Government