The University Record, February 8, 1993

‘World Disorder’ symposium features seven U-M scholar

“New World Disorder: Dissolving Borders and Homeless Nations” will be the focus of a symposium featuring presentations by seven U-M scholars on Tuesday (Feb. 9).

The free, public symposium, beginning at 3 p.m. in the Rackham Amphitheater, is a joint effort of the University’s international area studies centers.

Speakers and their topics are:

—Donald S. Lopez Jr., professor of Buddhist and Tibetan studies, “The Dislocation of Shangri-la: The Case of Tibet.”

—Gary R. Saxonhouse, professor of economics, “Japanese Foreign Labor Policies: Poverty Amidst Wealth.”

—Eva V. Huseby-Darvas, assistant research scientist in the Center for Russian and East European Studies, “‘Ethnic Cleansing’ and the Plight of Refugees in Central Europe and the Balkans.”

—Rudolf Mrazek, assistant professor of history, “New World Order and Tourist Power: The Case of Indonesia.”

—Fatma Muge Gocek, assistant professor of sociology, “Religious and Ethnic Visions Across Boundaries: The Turkish-Islamic Synthesis.”

—Teshome G. Wagaw, professor of education and of Afroamerican and African studies, “Ethnic Democracy—Inviting Disaster: The Case of the Horn of Africa.”

—Roger C. Rouse, assistant professor of anthropology, “Reorganizing Difference: Latin America and Transnationalism.”

Sponsors for the symposium include the centers for Chinese, Japanese, Russian and East European, Middle Eastern and North African, South and Southeast Asian, and Afroamerican and African studies and the Program in Latin American Studies.