The University Record, January 11, 1993

Antieau heads judicial office for students

By Jane R. Elgass

Mary Louise Antieau, coordinator of residence education for South Quadrangle Residence Hall, has been appointed assistant to the vice president for student affairs.

In her new post, Antieau will create the Student Judicial Adviser's Office, which will handle implementation and monitoring of the University's Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities. The statement was effective Jan. 1 on an interim basis.

Maureen M. Hartford, vice president for student affairs, announced Antieau's appointment last week. "Mary Lou has an excellent background, both in experience and education, for this position. She also knows the University of Michigan---the student, faculty, staff and traditions. I believe we are very fortunate to have hired her for this new and evolving position."

Antieau says she was drawn to the job because "it is really intriguing, a new challenge." She expects a law degree from the University of Toledo in 1994 and noted that her training in that area also fits in with the responsibilities of her new post, which she will assume Jan. 18.

"Students at the University deserve to have the University articulate its policies, help them understand what's expected of them in terms of appropriate behavior. They have been held accountable for their behavior, but never really told what's acceptable. This is an exciting opportunity to do so."

Antieau's first priority will be to create the office and establish a process for receiving and handling complaints. She also will quickly need to train student members of the judicial boards in interviewing and investigating skills, mediation, and due process.

High on her list also is development of educational and training programs on students' rights and responsibilities "so students know what the policy is all about."

All students will receive copies of the statement in a newsletter scheduled to be mailed by the Office of Student Affairs in early February.

Antieau has been in her current post since 1978 and in 1988--89 also served as acting director of employee programs in the Housing Division. She was project administrator for the Consortium for Evaluation, Research, Training and Service in the School of Education in 1976--78, and was a research associate for the Monitoring the Future Project of the Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, in 1976--79.

Before joining the U-M, Antieau held several positions with the Kearsley Community Schools in Flint, including director of student affairs, chair of the Department of English and contract administrator for the high school. In 1966--70 she was chief negotiator for the Kearsley Education Association. She also taught in the Kentwood Community Schools in Grand Rapids.

Her current activities include membership in the Substance Abuse and Education Network and the Office of Orientation's Campus Day Advisory Committee. She also is a presenter for Parent Orientation.

Antieau is a member of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, Association of Student Judicial Affairs Officers, National Association for Fraternal Law and the National Association of College and University Attorneys.

She holds an A.B. in English and communications and an M.A. in education administration from the U-M. She also pursued doctoral work in education administration at the University.