The University Record, January 11, 1993

Research expenditures top $346 million

The University's research expenditures increased by 6.9 percent in 1991--92, reaching a record total of $346,531,594.

"The University's fiscal year 1992 was still another financially sound year in research, one that saw our total research volume climb to levels that set both a record for this institution and a leading pace for the nation's major research universities," William C. Kelly, told the Regents at their December meeting. Kelly is vice president for research.

Of the 1991--92 total, $227,036,159 came from federal agencies, $77,601,264 from non-federal sources and $41,894,171 from University funds.

Research support from federal agencies accounted for 65.5 percent of the total. Major funding agencies included the Department of Health and Human Services, $133,228,723; National Science Foundation, $38,799,734; Department of Defense, $14,734,762; NASA, $14,207,772; Department of Energy, $10,203,570.

Research support from non-federal sources accounted for 22.4 percent of the total and included $25,140,676 from industry, $10,692,208 from trade and professional associations, and $22,163,772 from others including voluntary contributions. University funds accounted for 12.1 percent of the total research expenditures.