The University Record, January 18, 1993

W-2 forms go in mail this week

From the Payroll Office

Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statements for 1992 will be mailed this week to University regular and part-time employees who received earnings in 1992.

Listings for federal and state taxable wages will exclude any tax-deferred retirement contributions. However, such contributions were subject to Social Security and Medicare tax and therefore are included in Social Security and Medicare wages. Separate boxes on the W-2 will indicate whether the staff member was enrolled in a retirement plan and the amount of retirement contributions that were “elective” tax-deferred contributions. The total tax-deferred retirement contributions are indicated in a separate footnote on the W-2.

Also excluded from federal/state and Social Security wages will be any pre-tax health insurance, group life insurance/long-term disability premiums deducted in 1992 as well as dependent care/medical reimbursement account deductions. Dependent care deductions will be summarized in a separate box on the Form W-2.

Also itemized separately are special payments, such as group life insurance income, uniform allowance and moving expense reimbursements, which are included in federal and state taxable income totals.

Staff members who had city income tax withheld in 1992 will also receive a Form CW-2 for the appropriate city in a separate mailing.

Staff members receiving royalty payments during 1992 will receive a separate Form 1099-Miscellaneous Income for those payments.

Errors in Social Security numbers should be reported to the Payroll Office.

Questions regarding information on

W-2 forms should be directed to the Payroll Office, 2032 Administrative Services Building, or call 764-8267. Individuals who do not receive their W-2 form by Jan. 31 should call 764-8250.