The University Record, January 18, 1993

Work on Kipke Drive building OKd

Renovation projects for the 1239 Kipke Drive Building (formerly Associated Springs), recently acquired by the University, were approved by the Regents at their December meeting.

“The acquisition provides the University with an opportunity to solve a number of immediate and long-range academic and administrative space needs,” said Vice President Farris W. Womack. These include:

—Relocating the 10,000-square-foot Spin Physics High Energy Laboratory from the East Engineering Building to the high bay area of the 1239 Kipke Drive Building to make way for the East Engineering renovation. “Prior to the purchase of 1239 Kipke Drive, we had anticipated that we would be required to lease space for this laboratory at a cost of approximately $200,000 annually.”

—Providing LS&A with approximately 15,000 square feet of space to accommodate the Anthropology Collections from Central Campus. Also provide space for the College to relocate functions from East Engineering and other departments to again free up prime Central Campus space.

—Providing approximately 14,000 square feet of space to accommodate the Department of Public Safety.

“This defers the immediate need for a building,” Womack noted.

—Adding approximately 22,000 square feet of shelled space by installing a mezzanine at a cost of approximately $35 per square foot to help offset future lease costs.

—Providing approximately 5,000 square feet of space for Plant Operations’ service and storage function.

—Provide miscellaneous building improvements, including air conditioning, sprinklers, windows, elevator upgrade, and general cleanup. The Michcon Trading Co. is donating $51,000 toward the purchase of a gas-driven chiller.

Womack noted that “the proposed plan, which fully occupies the usable space in the 1239 Kipke Drive Building, is estimated to cost $3,835,000 and would be accomplished as the units identify funding.”

“Funding for the Spin Physics Laboratory, the LS&A space and the mezzanine has been identified and these projects would proceed immediately,” Womack said.