The University Record, January 18, 1993

U-M-designed survey serves as model for ADA compliance

A number of colleges and universities nationwide are using a U-M-designed survey to help them comply with an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement.

Title II of the ADA requires all public institutions with 50 or more employees to perform by Jan. 26 a self-audit of all programs and services to determine how accessible they are to persons with disabilities. The results are to be available for public inspection.

The U-M was the first major institution to develop a survey for this purpose, according to Brian L. Clapham, affirmative action representative and the University’s ADA coordinator.

The copyrighted survey, reprinted as part of an Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHED) publication titled Title by Title: The ADA’s Impact on Postsecondary Education, is available for use by others free, as long as they give credit to the U-M.

Members of the committee who developed the U-M survey, in addition to Clapham, were Jayne Thorson, executive assistant to the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs; Sam Goodin, director of Services for Students with Disabilities; and James E. Knox, computer systems consultant, Information Technology Division.