The University Record, January 25, 1993

Northwest offers discount fares for recruiting faculty, students

From Travel Services

Northwest Airlines has signed an agreement with the University that offers discounts on air fares for travel undertaken for recruiting purposes. University departments conducting faculty searches or undertaking student recruitment are encouraged to distribute the following information to those making airline reservations.

—Effective dates of travel: Jan. 15–June 30, 1993.

—Eligible participants: Candidates interviewing for faculty or staff positions at the U-M. Graduate/undergraduate students who are being recruited by a University department. Candidates’ families when traveling on the same itinerary as the candidate.

—Destination: Detroit or Flint.

—Discounts: 40 percent off full “Y” coach fares, 5 percent off new “26” coach fares, 5 percent off applicable roundtrip excursion fares.

—For reservations: Call one of the

U-M designated agencies listed below. Candidates making their own reservations should be provided with the toll-free numbers listed below.

It is important that reservations be booked with one of the designated agencies. They have been briefed on how to obtain discounts and will provide monthly reports to the University, which are required as part of the agreement.