The University Record, July 6, 1993


Alums ashamed of U

Now that the University of Michigan, beneficiary of so many tax dollars from the auto industry and its workers, has given an honorary doctorate to President Salinas of Mexico, we find ourselves ashamed to be University of Michigan graduates. How is it that a public university in such a blue-collar state honors a dictator who arrests labor organizers, suppresses opposition and promotes an idea (the North American Free Trade Agreement) that will put so many Michigan workers out of work and do such damage to the environment and democratic process?

Please remove our names (Beth Burrows and Edwin G. Burrows) from your mailing lists. We wish no further news of the University.

The University of Michigan will never receive a cent or a good word from these graduates until it apologizes to all of us and requests the return of its degree from Salinas.

Beth Burrows, for herself and her husband,
Edwin G. Burrows