The University Record, July 6, 1993

Johnson: prepare your soul, mind and body to realize your potential

Out of the night that covers me.

Black as the Pit from pole to pole.

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.’

William Ernest Henley

Citing Henley’s poem, Henry Johnson told those attending the Association of Black Professionals and Administrators Recognition and Awards program that preparation of one’s spirit, of one’s soul, is among three attributes “you need to engage in to realize your full potential, to succeed. It may be the most important attribute of the three, because “it allows us to be centered, to be focused, to be helpful.

“No one is an island,” Johnson stated, “No one stands alone. If you give to causes, persons, institutions, you’ll receive satisfaction in return,” adding that individuals need to feel “real passion” about something or someone.

While preparation of the soul is important, Johnson stated, there should be balance with the other attributes—preparation of the mind and preparation of the body.

“All of these are of equal importance to your involvement in the University and for individual success,” he said.

With respect to preparation of the mind, Johnson urged his audience to “learn your area of work, add to your academic credentials and develop an ability to translate academics to useful applications. Stay abreast of developments in your area of work and take responsibility for your own professional development.

“Take advantage of free learning experiences at the University or in the community. Find a role in church or a social organization. Learn a foreign language, expand your computer skills beyond messaging and word processing. These things will enhance your feeling of self-esteem,” he said, adding that they also “will make you more marketable.”

Johnson concluded by noting that a “healthy body is a prerequisite to staying to the end, getting the job done and done well. You need to stay well. Many others depend on us.”