The University Record, July 6, 1993

Initiatives to strengthen admissions under way

Ted Spencer already has under development a number of new initiatives designed to strengthen the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the University’s recruiting activities. These include:

  • Implementing continued strategies to personalize the recruitment process for prospective students.

  • Reinforcing and managing significant, consistent empowering, one-to-one contact with prospective, admitted and enrolling underrepresented students.

  • Implementing an on-line integrated student information system that will give students access to the undergraduate application bulletin through GOpherBLUE.

  • Implementing a plan to involve faculty in the contacting of admitted top scholars.

  • Identifying donors for the development of a new visitors center.

  • Developing marketing strategies based on information gained from the Survey of Freshman Admits.

  • Continuing to implement phone policies and procedures to improve customer satisfaction while increasing staff efficiency.

  • Managing cross-functional quality teams to review office procedures to meet the increasing needs for service.