The University Record, July 19, 1993

Regents salute members of winning Maize & Blue team

The following resolution was presented by the Regents to members of the Solar Car Team.

“The Regents of the University of Michigan wish to commend the University of Michigan Solar Car Team for their extraordinary success in winning the national championship in Sunrayce 93, a solar car race from Arlington, Texas, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for North American colleges and universities.

“The team, which raised the necessary funding and designed and built the solar car, consisted of over 100 students from across the campus, including the College of Engineering, School of Business Administration, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and the School of Art.

“The race team, consisting of 21 key students, was faced with many challenges, including the fact that they were considered the defending champions by virtue of the first place finish of the 1990 solar car team in the inaugural solar car race, Sunrayce 90. This year’s team also had to compete against 35 other teams, 20 of which were seasoned veterans of Sunrayce 90.

“The team successfully defended its crown by placing first in the overall competition in spite of disputed penalties and cloudy weather. The team strategy, teamwork, and a well-designed, reliable car were the key factors in their successful demonstration of academic excellence put into practice.

“The Regents salute the 1993 Solar Car Team for their victory in Sunrayce 93 and wish them continued success when they compete in the World Solar Challenge in Australia in November of this year.”