The University Record, July 19, 1993

Five faculty members granted emeritus status by Regents

Four faculty members were given the emeritus title by the Regents at their July 15–16 meeting. They are:

Janice A. Clark, associate professor of music (music education) and lecturer in education

Clark was appointed to the faculty as a lecturer in music education in 1958, was promoted to assistant professor in 1962 and to associate professor in 1969.

In 1955 she began an association with the Dixboro United Methodist Church as organist and later as director of music that extends to the present.

“An active participant in music educators’ associations at state and national levels, Prof. Clark has been especially energetic as a traveler to International Society of Music Education meetings in Perth (1974), Montreux (1976), Warsaw (1980) and Bristol (1982),” the Regents noted.

Louis A. Ferman, professor of social work and research scientist, Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations (ILIR)

Ferman joined the ILIR as a research associate in 1959. He was named research director in 1965, associate professor of social work in 1966, professor of social work in 1969, divisional director of ILIR in 1971 and research scientist in 1988.

Since 1961, Ferman’s research has focused on the human problems of industrial societies. Regarded as the “father of informal economic research,” he has lectured, conducted seminars and consulted here and abroad on a wide range of industrial topics.

“Recently, he has been involved in practical problems in economic development, such as career development of women in Third World countries, and the development of free markets in eastern Europe,” the Regents said.

Warren E. Miller, research scientist in the Center for Political Studies, Institute for Social Research, and adjunct professor of political science

Miller came to the U-M in 1951 as an assistant study director in the Survey Research Center (SRC) and was promoted to study director in 1953. An assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1954-56, Miller returned to the U-M as an assistant professor of political science and research associate in the SRC in 1956. He was promoted to associate professor in 1958, to research scientist in 1959, and to professor in 1963. He was named the Arthur W. Bromage Professor of Political Science in 1981 and has been a professor of political science at Arizona State University since 1982.

“Prof. Miller has done pioneering research in electoral and political behavior, focusing on democratic processes and how to enhance them,” the Regents noted. He was president of the American Political Science Association in 1979-80.

Rosemary A. Sarri, professor of social work

After gaining several years of professional experience in the field, Sarri joined the School of Social Work in 1959 as a lecturer. She was promoted to assistant professor in 1962, associate professor in 1964 and professor in 1966.

“Prof. Sarri has done extensive research and published widely on public policy issues related to families, children, women and justice systems. She has also served the School of Social Work, the University, and many government agencies through her extensive committee, consulting and community activities. Her teaching has been inspirational and her mentorship of students noteworthy. Her retirement marks the departure of an esteemed member of the faculty of the School of Social Work who has been devoted to the improvement of social welfare systems,” the Regents noted.