The University Record, July 19, 1993


Hindley says ‘simmer down’

Re: Letter from Beth Burrows, Record, July 6, 1993

Now Beth, simmer down! You’re taking the short-term view of Salinas/U-M/NAFTA. Global warming is obscuring your Washington State of mind!

Besides, it has always been the policy of the U-M to bestow honors on prominent world figures. A brief conversation with your husband E.G. Burrows, longtime manager of WUOM/WVGR, will reveal that he assigned me to cover the U-M Honors Presentation to Imelda Marcos at the Rackham Library, and the University stations paid full attention to the perilous journey by U-M Development Officer Jack Hamilton to Port-au-Prince to deliver U-M Sesquicentennial honors to Haiti’s “Poppa Doc” Duvalier!


Fred M. Hindley
Tobin Lake
Retired WUOM newscaster