The University Record, March 1, 1993

Bylaw change proposed

The following revisions, reflecting changes at the Bentley Historical Library, are suggested for Regents’ Bylaw 12.05. Comments should be made by March 12 to the Office of the General Counsel, Room 4020, Fleming Administration Building, 764-0304.

Proposed Revisions of Regents’ Bylaws Section 12.05

(Proposed additions in bold and deletions crossed out)

Bentley Historical Library Michigan Historical Collections

The Bentley Historical Library shall be organized as one administrative unit to include the Michigan Historical Collections and the University Archives and Records Program. The Michigan Historical Collections shall be maintained for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and making available to students manuscripts and other materials pertaining to the state, its institutions, and its social, economic, and intellectual development. The University Archives and Records Program shall be maintained to collect, preserve, and make available records generated by the University in the conduct of its business. The Bentley Library The collections shall be in the charge of a director, responsible to the provost and vice president for academic affairs, who shall be appointed by the Board on nomination by the president.

The director shall be assisted by an executive committee, charged with the formulation of policies in matters in relation to the budget, promotions, appointments, the collections, publications, and other activities.

The executive committee shall consist of five members of the University Senate, who shall be appointed by the Board, upon recommendation by the president, for terms of five years, the terms to be so adjusted that one vacancy will occur each year.